For their help with Angel Food and Devil Dogs -
the author wishes to acknowledge:

Patricia Sullivan, for the enormous amount of work she has contributed to the production of this book in ways too numerous to mention, Jean Rubin for her advice, vast knowledge and painstaking scrutiny, Don Kohn, of Kohn Engineering for his expertise on fire, fire safety and sprinkler systems, Genevieve Goff for advice and editing, Miriam Lavandier for Spanish translations, Steve Libby of Gaydar Magazine for publishing early excerpts, Gail Erich for insight, suggestions, editing, and catching the big mistake, David Rosenbaum, Ann Warde, and Michael Pastore for publishing advice, to Catherine M. Wilson for expert help with the Kindle version and Kate Mulgrew for inspiration.

And readers: Laura Gutierrez, Sarah Kersh, Melinda Kohn, Bob Wittman, Frank Whalen, Chenoweth Moffatt, Barb Loch, Dennis Bradbury, Kristen Buckno, Elizabeth Goff, Beverly Morgan, Sara Niebler, Roberta Meek, and Christine Gaffney, for their help and suggestions.

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